White Kaolin Clay in our BeyBee Powder /0h6gTo6ZyL
Faut jmange du kaolin_ o lieu de manger d morceaux de platre
3:Era 🍞Consumer of Bread:

It has been, at least 2 years since I talked about Eramus sister Kaolin and the fact shes dating Aymeric. /sQYTsnCKBG

Everyones posting their dragon OCs soooo…
Meet Kaolin! Not my best art but its my best dragon art so far! #SaveWingsofFire #WOF /pvHegdrRJ1
5:GSU Geosciences:

Congrats to PhD student Anthony Boxleiter for winning the first prize for outstanding oral presentation at Fridays inaugural GSU Graduate Research Conference for his presentation on “Georgia kaolin_ clay: rare-earth elements and sustainable mineral resources”! 🏆🙌🥳 /hLa0G2Wx6R
Many dont know that $rass driller is also our vendor, May Drilling, who have done previous drilling on the tenements. They already had an MMP for 21 holes and now its 38 drill sites, plus additional drilling in the approved designated areas for up to 4000m drilling
7:Ella🌱π🍊👣🌺🌎🌴🍋Florida ن:
Spiderweb ABSOLUTELY stops bleeding. Neighbor did it to my sister who cut her wrist on glass as a kid & I did it to myself when I cut my finger as an adult. Pro tip- buy a bag of kaolin_ clay. Its the main ingredient in quick clot.
8:Ella🌱π🍊👣🌺🌎🌴🍋Florida ن:
@thesecondinline Facts😄 still hurts. Bout to put a pain patch on it. Think it hit a nerve. Check these out. Some are silly, but others are legit.
9:Era 🍞Consumer of Bread:

I am consumed at work with thoughts about Eramus family. Fenris, Marie, Kaolin… /w8HXcisgJo
@Kenzo132 @Gracieofff Après y’en a beaucoup aussi qui kiffent le kaolin_ et ça ça aide pas du tout pour l’anémie