Deciding on which hosting company to go with

If you’ve never owned a website or built the website then you will not know that you need hosting in order to get your website live on the Internet. They are countless different registrars such as Go Daddy, name cheap, or Enom but there are even more hosting companies in which you can host your website with. You can generally host these websites and register them on the same place but in regards to search engine optimization you will always want to host your websites on various hosting accounts in order to cover up any footprint that could potentially be left by having a number of sites all coming from the same IP, this is something that many people mistakenly do, lucky for they were able to never make this common mistake. This is one of the biggest things that will get people caught is having a bunch of sites on one unlimited hosting account and then linking them all to a singular website. This can work for a small period of time but once the search engines figure out that you are doing this unnatural linking they will penalize your site and often times drop you from their index. This is one of the leading reasons why you will want to have countless hosting accounts for each website you are pointing at a specific money site or client site.

For example if you have a client-side or money site that is going to need 50 links pointed at it that means you will need 50 different hosting account with 50 different unique IP addresses. This can become extremely expensive and this is one of the leading reasons why you want to be in a profitable niche so you will be able to recoup your expenses and turn them into profits. This is where client SEO comes into play. Client SEO allows you to said links to a website that you will be ranking for a client which is something many SEO Companies do like They will be paying you either a lump sum fee or a monthly fee that will allow you to pay for all of your hosting, auction domains, and any accessory costs that may come about such as aggregators or video camera software. What you have a steady client base you can easily get into the five and six figures per month which can easily pay for the cost of all the hosting and websites you will need in order to rank the sites.

Now you need to determine which hosting companies you are going to go with. There are countless hosting companies out there some ranging from mere pennies a month if not free to being hundreds of dollars a month all depending on which company you go with. If you are hosting a massive e-commerce site or a massive affiliate site then you will often want to go with the more expensive hosting accounts. This is because they have better software, their safer, and often times they can work with larger sites which need more upkeep because of their size. Often times these accounts will be over $30 a month sometimes costing hundreds of dollars depending on the site for example Best Buy or Amazon probably spent in the thousands of dollars per month for their hosting if they don’t on their own company that does their hosting for them.

Next you want to take into consideration what kind of hosting you really need. For private blog network hosting you really don’t need very expensive hosting. Generally this hosting cost around $10 a month This hosting is more than enough to keep a website up on your private blog network because you are not worried about the user metrics, speed, keywords, or overall safety of the site because it is used specifically for linking to other sites. Of course you do want it to be safe and operational but you do not particularly care about the overall well-being of the sites because they are an investment and often times they are chopped down from the serps and from the index because the search engines figure out what you are doing. In my personal opinion you never want to go with cheap dollar hosting or free hosting. Generally these hosting companies will be jam-packed full of individuals using private blog network so it is very easy for the search engines to find them and terminate them, good SEO’s like the ones over at never take that risk with their clients. SEO's on Computers

Also when using dollar hosting the support is normally very unresponsive and generally you are better off spending a little extra money in order to have the safe mindset and longevity of the support that these hosting companies give in comparison. Another thing you want to take into consideration is private blog network hosting. Generally the sites are also packed full of websites that are used private blog networks and I personally know an individual who lost over $1 million in private blog network sites over the course of a few seconds. This is a risk you take when using a private blog network hosting company because generally they are jam-packed full of other websites used for the purpose of linking and they often times are chopped down.