eyes cream

1:Xyrah™ 🇺🇬🇺🇬:

Do you notice the colour of the cream in the eyes????? /vCMCUBLl0s
2:Novi 🐶🐱🍊🏔️:

Thats just ice cream, geez….

yeah Keep telling yourself that novi

I have so much thought about this

What are those eyes looking up for while he nom nom…

Mami POV is just down right fitting

o h lord stop /MxpB7loIid

Sun cream causes cancer, not the sun itself.
Sunglasses are made to stop your eyes from healing, your Pineal Gland from detoxing and all the other benefits we would get from sungazing. /Y2qsftGyuM
4:Kylie Skin:

a monday must-have for bright, hydrated under eyes! 🤩🌟 our rich eye cream is formulated with caffeine & vitamin c to awaken + brighten the eye area helping with dark circles while shea butter & jojoba seed oil hydrate & smooth, improving the look of fine lines. ✨⁠ /oywG21THVC

Akhirnya coba eye cream yang aplikatornya geterrrr 🥹 yang punya permasalahan mata panda, mata lelah & puffy eyes cobain ini yuk!

— #racuninskincare /iv6IXat9Oe
If you’d like to bawl your eyes out until you get a headache then I recommend watching #WhereTheCrawdadsSing. One of the best movies I’ve ever watched in my life.

the corinthian aka babygirl of the year /dSPKh9ELxK

@ohmybeautybank PLISS dari semua eyescream yg aku coba ini sih, 2 Minggu aja langsung keliatan bgtttttt /dVxF9tMmUh
Katsuki’s eyes open, the unfamiliar sight of cream colored walls illuminated by sun rays making him squint. It isn’t Kirishima he realizes lifting his head to peer behind him only to find himself sinking back into the bed as the man moves.
10:Tempat Belanja Skincare Lokal:

Me: use eye cream to get rid of eye bags & panda eyes🐼

Also me: stay up all night🤡 /SMWhoPR5Ml