How to determine which clients to work with

Often times you will get individuals asking for your expertise work in regards to search engine optimization because they cannot do it themselves but they want everything under the sun done to their website for a very low price. This is one of the leading reasons why you must lead new clients to the velvet ropes and ensure that they fully understand what is going to happen and what is not going to happen which is something this West Bloomfield SEO Firm implements with every one of their clients. You must completely outline all the aspects of what you will be doing and you must tell them that you are not anything other than a search engine optimization expert so anything that they wish to have done that is out of the realm of search engine optimization will not be done by you will have to be contracted out to another company. This is one of the biggest problems that most brand-new search engine optimization experts fall into is the fact that they believe that they are a jack of all trades and they will do anything that they can to keep a client on board.

Often times it is much easier to just go out and get a new client instead of deal with the headaches that come along by having a client that tells you what to do and when to do it when you are not there employee but you are a business partner. This is one of the things that you must keep in mind when bringing a new clients. Often time that is referred to as the velvet ropes. You must keep your client within the velvet ropes and they are not allowed to deviate from the velvet ropes and once they do you must guide them back into the velvet ropes to ensure that they do not go out and do anything that they shouldn’t be doing or tell you to do something that you shouldn’t be doing.

One of the biggest things that you must also keep in mind in regards to getting a new client is whether or not that client can have a substantial ROI on the investment that they put into their search engine optimization campaign. For example if you have a surgeon or someone who provides a service where each time they render that service they are making thousands of dollars than it is very likely that they will be able to receive a great return on investment from search engine optimization. On the contrary if you have someone who is making very small amounts of money per sale that they do for example a taco stand then it will not be beneficial for them to implement search engine optimization onto their site because search engine optimization will not be a good return on investment for a taco stand. You also must remember that if you are ranking keywords that they want to have ranks often times these keywords will not bring in the clients that they believe these keywords well.

For example if a local plumber wants to rank for water heater repair it may not be as lucrative as they believe because it will be more beneficial for them to rank for something along the lines of emergency plumber in their local city. The reasoning behind this is if people are searching for an emergency plumber that means that they need plumbing now. If someone is researching water heater repair they may be looking to learn for knowledge about water heater repair or looking for prices that it may cost for water heater repair. These are things that need to be taken into consideration because if you write a client for a keyword that they wish to rank for that will not be lucrative in the long run then often times they will be upset with the services that are rendered because they are not getting more phone calls but their website is higher within the search engines, this is something has been able to do over and over again for countless websites. 

AnalyticsThis all goes back to keeping your client within the velvet ropes but even more so than that you need to make sure that the clients that you are working with will be able to get a substantial return on investment from your search engine optimization campaign. There are many more things that going to considering whether or not a client is someone that should be worked with and often times you will need to do your due diligence about not only the client themselves but their business and also the market in which they fall into. But more so than that you must make sure that the individual that you are working with is not somebody that you will not be able to stand in the long run largely due to the fact that you will be working with this individual for many months if not many years depending on the keywords they are attempting to rank for in the size of the site in which they have.

Overall it is up to you to determine who you will work with and how you will work with them but these are just some basic outlines as to how you can go about doing this in the way you should properly implement these strategies is completely up to you but remember that you must try to keep your clients within the velvet ropes and you must inform them that you are not there employee but you are a business partner and you are working together for the same goal which is to rank their website higher within the serps to help drive more clients to their business.


How to get SEO clients

SEO FundementalsThere are many ways individuals go about getting clients for search engine optimization campaigns. Some of these ways are very invasive to the business owner and often times they do not convert potential clientele into an actual client. Other ways are more indirect and often times they do not lead to client either. More often than not you will need to go to an event that is hosting a business meeting for local business owners and you will need to talk to these business owners one-on-one. Often times you will also need to remember that this is not about you closing a deal but you need to make them feel welcome and liked which can sometimes lead to you buying their products in exchange for them purchasing products of yours.

Often times you must take in the consideration that the products and services that you render are much more expensive and can be much more lucrative than what they sell so you must look at the investment you put into your business friendship as a 10X reward, this is something Detroit SEO – does with every business they meet. Places you can go to find other local business owners are places like your local Chamber of Commerce or a BNI meeting. These are places for local business owners go to network and talk to each other about the services they render in what may and may not be working in regards to generating more clients and also how they can work together in the community to help them all prosper into more lucrative and financially independent businesses.

When you go to these places you want to make sure that you talk to them and have them tell you about their business. You want to make sure that you do not brag or tell them about what you do but once you do tell them what you do for a living which is search engine optimization you must also inform them that the benefit from having search engine optimization done to a website is astronomical and is something that all businesses need to take into consideration moving into the future because the Internet and websites are one of the leading ways that individuals find products and services that they are looking for. If a local business has not begun a search engine optimization campaign or does not have a website this is something that you can potentially help them with and often times they are more likely to work with you because you are local and can meet with them face-to-face which allows them to have the peace of mind of knowing that you were a local business owner and not somebody from another country who is simply outsourcing services to another business and collecting a premium for doing so, this is a tactic that many companies take advantage of but Michigan SEO Pro’s Link – SEO Michigan never outsources any of their work, it’s all done in house by their trained and educated staff.

It is imperative that you remember that you do not tell them what you do until you find out their business and their business needs. If you go around bragging about the services you render or telling everyone that you want them to buy your product and you do not do the same in exchange and people are more likely to not work with you because they know that you are not willing to reciprocate the trading of products or services with one another and you are simply trying to sell them on the products or services that you can render. This is how you should communicate with potential clients when you meet with them in person but there are also many other ways you can go about getting clients.

One such way you can go about getting clients is through mass email marketing. This is one of the least effective ways of getting clients because generally search engine optimization companies will mass email every business with in their direct local area and often times they will mass email companies throughout an entire state and even an entire country. This is one of the leading reasons as to why so many people will simply delete these emails when they receive them because they have received countless others from individuals who have simply purchased emails or have scrape the web for local businesses or businesses that they wish to target. Of course it does not hurt to send emails to businesses because sometimes you will get lucky and they will respond and potentially want your services.

Another way you can go about getting clients is by having a website that ranks highly in the serps like this SEO Company does, Grand Rapids SEO – Michigan SEO Pro. If you have a website that ranks highly in the serps then it proves that you are a search engine optimization company that knows how to properly implement search engine optimization because they were able to find your website when doing a keyword search for an SEO company to rank their website. This is generally not the most effective way because most companies want to meet with individuals one-on-one to discuss and communicate how to properly implement the strategies that the search engine optimization expert knows and the prices behind it. Overall how you go out and get your clients is completely dependent on the type of person you are and the type of risks and rewards you are willing to take.


Deciding on which hosting company to go with

If you’ve never owned a website or built the website then you will not know that you need hosting in order to get your website live on the Internet. They are countless different registrars such as Go Daddy, name cheap, or Enom but there are even more hosting companies in which you can host your website with. You can generally host these websites and register them on the same place but in regards to search engine optimization you will always want to host your websites on various hosting accounts in order to cover up any footprint that could potentially be left by having a number of sites all coming from the same IP, this is something that many people mistakenly do, lucky for they were able to never make this common mistake. This is one of the biggest things that will get people caught is having a bunch of sites on one unlimited hosting account and then linking them all to a singular website. This can work for a small period of time but once the search engines figure out that you are doing this unnatural linking they will penalize your site and often times drop you from their index. This is one of the leading reasons why you will want to have countless hosting accounts for each website you are pointing at a specific money site or client site.

For example if you have a client-side or money site that is going to need 50 links pointed at it that means you will need 50 different hosting account with 50 different unique IP addresses. This can become extremely expensive and this is one of the leading reasons why you want to be in a profitable niche so you will be able to recoup your expenses and turn them into profits. This is where client SEO comes into play. Client SEO allows you to said links to a website that you will be ranking for a client which is something many SEO Companies do like They will be paying you either a lump sum fee or a monthly fee that will allow you to pay for all of your hosting, auction domains, and any accessory costs that may come about such as aggregators or video camera software. What you have a steady client base you can easily get into the five and six figures per month which can easily pay for the cost of all the hosting and websites you will need in order to rank the sites.

Now you need to determine which hosting companies you are going to go with. There are countless hosting companies out there some ranging from mere pennies a month if not free to being hundreds of dollars a month all depending on which company you go with. If you are hosting a massive e-commerce site or a massive affiliate site then you will often want to go with the more expensive hosting accounts. This is because they have better software, their safer, and often times they can work with larger sites which need more upkeep because of their size. Often times these accounts will be over $30 a month sometimes costing hundreds of dollars depending on the site for example Best Buy or Amazon probably spent in the thousands of dollars per month for their hosting if they don’t on their own company that does their hosting for them.

Next you want to take into consideration what kind of hosting you really need. For private blog network hosting you really don’t need very expensive hosting. Generally this hosting cost around $10 a month This hosting is more than enough to keep a website up on your private blog network because you are not worried about the user metrics, speed, keywords, or overall safety of the site because it is used specifically for linking to other sites. Of course you do want it to be safe and operational but you do not particularly care about the overall well-being of the sites because they are an investment and often times they are chopped down from the serps and from the index because the search engines figure out what you are doing. In my personal opinion you never want to go with cheap dollar hosting or free hosting. Generally these hosting companies will be jam-packed full of individuals using private blog network so it is very easy for the search engines to find them and terminate them, good SEO’s like the ones over at never take that risk with their clients. SEO's on Computers

Also when using dollar hosting the support is normally very unresponsive and generally you are better off spending a little extra money in order to have the safe mindset and longevity of the support that these hosting companies give in comparison. Another thing you want to take into consideration is private blog network hosting. Generally the sites are also packed full of websites that are used private blog networks and I personally know an individual who lost over $1 million in private blog network sites over the course of a few seconds. This is a risk you take when using a private blog network hosting company because generally they are jam-packed full of other websites used for the purpose of linking and they often times are chopped down.


The importance behind keyword selection

SEO Office SpaceKeyword selection can be hands-on one of the most fundamental and most important parts of search engine optimization. You can rank a website for long tail keywords that get no active searches and just because you rank for those keywords is not mean that any traffic will be driven to your site thus meaning that you will not get any clicks or visitors so the site is virtually worthless in regards to having the ability to monetize or pick up clients. For example you can very easily rank for a keyword that is five, six, or even seven words long that will maybe get a few visitors searching those long tail keywords per month or even per year and the chances of them even clicking on your website go down dramatically if you are not in the first position on that page.

This is the reason why you will want to stick to more specific and shorter keywords when attempting to rank for a site that you are going to monetize or pick up clients on. For example you can very easily rank for the best search engine optimization company in the Marquette Michigan but not many people will be searching for that keyword per month. You would be better off and it would be more beneficial if you were to rank for Marquette SEO company or just Marquette SEO. These are keywords that people are actively searching for and when they stumble across your website they are more likely to click on it and look at it which can help to increase your user metrics and traffic levels which can help you rank higher in the serps.

There are many companies that will very easily rank for keywords that do not generate any traffic nor do they get them any clicks. But one thing you do need to take in a consideration when targeting these long tail keywords is the fact that once you have a page 1 position one ranking you are more likely to receive more page 1 position one rankings because the search engines as now have trust in your website and they believe that the content you have on your website is valid and will give the potential users of their search engine the information or services they are looking for. If you are first starting out a site it is advantageous to go after these long tail keywords because they will help to not only solidify your site as a dominant force by having page 1 position one rankings but it will also have a positive psychological effect on you because it will show you that you definitively have the skills needed and required to rank a site at the top of the search engines, this is exactly what TopTierMarketing SEO Michigan was able to achieve with their website.

One more thing you will want to take into consideration is the fact that each search engine is different. The major search engines are Google, Yahoo, and being. It is much easier to rank within Yahoo and being search engines is much more difficult to rank within Google’s, even though it was harder it didn’t stop TopTierMarketingSEO Detroit Expert for ranking above their competition for a very competitive keyword. So once you are ranking highly in Google search engine it is almost 100% fact that you will be ranking high in Yahoo and Bing search engines because they are not as difficult to rank for keywords within their search engine in comparison to Google’s.

Another extremely important time when it is imperative that you choose the correct keywords to rank for is when you are paying for AdSense. The reason why you want to pay for AdSense is largely due to the fact that you want to place your ads in highly trafficked keyword positions. If you buy AdSense for keywords that are not very popular you will not receive a lot of traffic and often times as traffic is not the intended traffic you are attempting to target. Often times these lower-level keywords will have a lower level pricing you always must keep in the back of your mind that you get what you pay for. Of course you do not want to be paying astronomical amount of money for AdSense but often times this is necessary when you do not have a website ranking high within the search engines.

This is when a search engine optimization expert comes into play because you can pay a search engine optimization experts the same amount year you would pay for AdSense in highly competitive keyword areas but once your website is ranking it normally sticks therefore the life of the site as long as you continually update your site and slowly send links to it to prove to the search engines that you are still receiving traffic and generating buzz about the topics you are covering or the services you provide.


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